Much more than just a (very) boring photo...

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This is a close up of a kitchen cupboard door, lacquered in our workshop and installed for a very happy customer.

A photo like this would only be interesting if there was an issue wouldn't it, like is the colour uneven? Does it look like orange peel, or the surface of the moon? Or is it one of those situations where it just looks good and doesn't draw any attention to itself?

When you work hard to get a new client and they trust you with the maunfacturing of their cabinetry, do you really want to hear about the painting? Why would you risk your work being compromised by an imperfect finish that will be the first thing the customer sees?

When you use Lacquer Specialists you will get a top quality finish, we will treat it with the utmost care and attention, so you can deliver it to your client with a finish that complements your work.

We are certified PPG Applicators and our quality control is second to none - try us and see. We add in competitive pricing, pick up and delivery if required and we'll even sort you out with some fuel vouchers if you bring your cabinets to us. 

Contact us today for more details - if you are looking for quick, cost effective, top quality work then call us today.

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