Is sanding boring?


Is sanding boring? No doubt about it, but if you don't do it properly it will come back to bite you!

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Did you know we do High Gloss luxury finishes?


Did you know we do High Gloss luxury finishes? Ask about finishing your next project with Pearl High Gloss - when you want to add value this is the way!

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Interior Doors


Interior Doors House lot of doors

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What's this?


What's this? Is it the world's most boring photograph, or is it more interesting than that? It must be more interesting than that surely?

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Delivery Kitchen Delivery loaded and ready

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Rimu Coffee Table


Rimu Coffee Table Small rimu table top makeover

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Couldn't hit a barn door?


Couldn't hit a barn door? We can! At Lacquer Specialists we can handle any size of project - check out this barn door!

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Vinyl wrap a problem?


Vinyl wrap a problem? Vinyl wrap split and come un-stuck. No problem...

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Shelving Repair to a clients water damaged shelving unit, then lacquer finish. What a great outcome, and saved from the landfill.

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Fridge colour letting your design down?


Fridge colour letting your design down? Is that old fridge spoiling your client's new kitchen design? Did you know we can change the colour of the fridge?

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Exterior Doors


Exterior Doors Do you have clients that need to change the colours of their exterior doors? Bring them to us and we will take care of it for you.

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We are hiring!


We are hiring! Come and join the team at Lacquer Specialists! We are looking for a skilled........

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